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Slip agent

     The use of slip agents for polyethylene films reduces the Friction Coefficient (COF) while maintaining optic properties such as brilliance, transparency, and clarity. They may also be used jointly with "Anti-block" agents.

     "Fatty amines" - exclusively derived from vegetables upon request - are used for this application. During the film manufacturing process, these molecules migrate to the film's surface, creating a lubricating layer. Polytechs offers two masterbatches:


  • One is made from a fast-acting (SL PE OL 7,5) « Oleamide » base (fatty chain in C18)
  • The other is made from an « Erucamide » base (fatty chain in C22) with slower migration and compatible with the in-line CORONA treatment (SL PE ER 7,5)


Refer to the Technical Data Sheets: SL PE OL 7,5, SL PE ER 7,5

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